Innovation Express is a multi-media healthcare news hub designed to share all IHCI events and programs and announce the most innovative items in healthcare. Contributors with different backgrounds will write the articles and they will range from bio’s of innovators, technology discoveries, meeting minutes, highlights from IHCI latest events and interviews with top innovators

Vol 1 Issue 3

This issue is jam packed with INNOVATION with articles from Xavier’s Center for Innovation, Communicating With Innovators, Deep Learning & AI, as well as events you don’t want to miss, blog & podcast features, and a chance to win up to $5000!

Vol 1 Issue 2

Innovation Express talks Next Engineers with local partner University of Cincinnati’s Abdine Lewis and GE Aviation’s Joe Allen.


Two Chances to Win in this Issue!

This issue contains some fun puzzles with awesome prizes.


Can you solve them?

Vol 1 Issue 1

MatchMD™ CEO Basil Bakri, CHP, CSCS announces new disaster response coordination product, EmergeNC


Young Innovators Excel At AHIS2021

A 12-year-old technical architect helps the chronically ill through app design.

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