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Our network of experts from around the world share their experience in navigating and defining healthcare in a post-COVID era.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst force, bringing on many changes in a matter of weeks that would have taken years to adopt otherwise. COVID-19 has triggered a path for long-lasting change in many aspects of healthcare administration, delivery, communication, and more.
We are privileged to share with you the expectations and predictions of leading experts who are helping to define the “new normal healthcare” across multiple disciplines and settings around the world.
Watch our experts discussing different aspects of the “New Normal in Healthcare”

Covid-19 Vaccine for Patients with Cancer

Pharmacist, Laila Abu Esba discusses "P&T Committee Preparedness Plan for COVID-19"

The New Normal in Gynecologic Malignancies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Cancer Care is Evolving

The New Normal in Clinical Research

The New Normal in Laboratory Medicine

Tips for Journal Reviewers, from
Dr. Abdul Rahman Jazieh