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Innovative Research Network

The Innovative Research Network (IRN) is an international collaborative research group of investigators with interest in employing innovative approaches and technology to conduct cutting edge research across borders in various disciplines. IRN facilitates collaborations among investigators for innovative health sciences research projects. In addition to research, IRN provides continuing education and training opportunities to the network members and registrants.  

IRN Goals
  • To provide a common platform and process to conduct research, perform training, education, and facilitate collaboration.
  • To become a major player in advancing scientific knowledge through innovative collaborative research.
  • Develop a structure to support collaborative research among the Network’s members
  • To build research capacity in member institutions and conduct training for investigators and research staff

IRN is a subsidiary of the Innovative Healthcare Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Qualified and eligible IRN members will be able to participate in the network studies, submit their own studies to the network, and serve on various committees. Members will receive regular updates and news about research topics and projects. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM [IRN] (jotform.com)


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