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Pharmacoeconomics Principles and Best Practices: A Practical Guide

Published: October 29, 2020

Pharmacoeconomics Principles and Best Practices: A Practical Guide is the product of collaborative efforts among multidisciplinary experts from different healthcare sectors. The Guide tackles many practical issues related to pharmacoeconomics that are of great importance to healthcare providers, policy and decision makers, and healthcare leaders. We hope the readers will find the Guide beneficial, and we welcome any feedback or comments.

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·         Abdul Rahman Jazieh, MD, MPH

·         Francisco Nuno Rocha Goncalves, PhD

·         Laszlo Gulacsi, PhD

·         Nada Abu-Shraie, PharmD

·         Omar Da’ar, PhD

1. Introduction to Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics 

Omar Da'ar

2. Models of Pharmacoeconomic Analysis

Omar Da'ar

3. Assessments of Healthcare Costs

Bander Balkhi, Ali Alhammad, Laszlo Gulacsi

4. Guidelines for Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations

Hana Al-Abdulkarim, Zsombor Zrubka

5. Optimization of Healthcare Expenditures at a National Level

Ahmed Hamdan Al-jedai, Hajer Yousef Almudaiheem

6. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

Nada Abu-Shraie

7. The Formulary Management System

Nada Abu-Shraie

8. The Drug Evaluation Process: Clinical Evaluation

Laila Carolina Abu Esba

Supplemental Material

9. Quality Improvement and Medication Utilization Review Process. 

Mansoor Ahmed Khan, Abrar Al-Subhi, Eman Youssif, Sherin Ismail

10. Access to Quality Therapeutics in Cancer Care - Physician's Perspective

Khalid AlSaleh, Nazia Sadaf

11. Role of Pharmaceutical Companies in Pharmacoeconomics

Francisco Nuno Rocha Gonçalves, Muneera Al Majed

12. Generic Medications

Hani Al Hashmi, Hamdi ElSoudi

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