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Precision Oncology Forum 2022

“Closing the gap between knowledge and practice”

Date: April 1-2, 2022
Location: Cincinnati, OH.

April 1-2, 2022 // Cincinnati, OH



  • To present the latest advances in the field of precision oncology especially in testing approaches.
  • To discuss the application of these advances in patient care.
  • To share real world experiences and case studies of integrating precision medicine into clinical practice.

Target Audience

All healthcare professionals with interest in cancer care from all specialties and disciplines including physicians, oncology nurse practitioners, physician assistant, genetic counselors, scientists, pharmacists, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals.


  1. PO in cancer prevention, screening, and early detection
  2. Available testing methods and their utilization in practice and challenges of testing
  3. PO in lung cancer and other solid tumors
  4. Rare cancers/mutations
  5. Site-agnostic actionable targets
  6. Role of PO in surveillance, disease monitoring and treatment termination decision
  7. Case studies of real-world application of PO in practice.


Didactic lectures

When possible, speakers will be asked to start their presentation with short case presentation (1-2 Slides) and then close the talk with summary of the patients’ treatment and outcome!

Round Table

Experts from different healthcare systems will present their experience in implementing PO in their settings and discuss challenges and successes (what worked and what did not work). Consensus recommendations statement may come out of this discussion.

Satellite Symposia

Industry sponsored activity that focuses on specific areas of interest in PO.
Exhibits: For sponsors, supporters, and collaborators.

Organizers & Faculty

Forum Directors

  • Abdul Jazieh, MD, MPH
  • Christian Rolfo, MD, PHD


The faculty will include experts from leading cancer centers with different backgrounds, regional experts, and local experts.

Organizers and Collaborators

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CME Credit hours will be requested.